Events, festivals and projects on performing arts in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Italy, Germany, Albania


Street Art Festival Mostar

Where: Mostar

When: 26 August – 3 September


Street Arts Festival brings new dynamics to the streets of the city, refines the public space, and networking artists from all over the world to create the biggest open-air gallery in this region. Street Arts Festival Mostar brings new talent and art to the streets of the post-war city, redefines public space, and network artist from all over the world. The festival exist since 2012. Everything starts trough the activism of youth from Mostar who wants to bring more positivity to the divided city. Street Arts Festival revitalize abandoned spaces and ruins into art and gives a universal visual identity to the city. Also, the festival affirms artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and connects them with famous street artist from all over the world.



Where: Eight small towns around Turin: Mathi, Fiano, San Francesco al Campo, Lanzo, San Maurizio Canavese, Balangero, Nole e Ciriè

When: 7-10 July 2023


In addition to all the shows that are offered, free of charge, to the community each year, Mobile Theatres are in action, reaching even the most isolated villages in the valley with performances. The theatre courses, which do not overlap with the festival, are designed for adults and children. The course for children and young people focuses on relationships and confrontation with others, with the group, with objects, with one’s own imagination, with other children ‚actors‘ and in the creative phase with one’s own body and voice. For children who want to have fun with the ‚game‘ of theatre and try to step into a character, into another self. Theatre is an important collective experience, a stimulating group game with a common goal: the performance. The course for adults is aimed at acquiring confidence and ‚credibility‘; through natural and fluid acting it is important to be able to combine speech and movement. The workshop focuses on movement and vocal techniques, character study and text analysis. The expressive potential of the voice and body and theatrical techniques will be analysed, and concentration and relaxation exercises will be tried out.

Educativa di strada

Where: Turin

When: 9 – 10 – 11 June 2023


Circus-art-education activities designed for young people cannot do without the continuous presence of the operator-educator on the street. This presence is essential to establish relationships, detect changes, register new needs and decide on suitable intervention strategies accordingly, especially in the areas of prevention and social inclusion. Meeting young people in the spaces where they meet means to create with them a relationship based on relationship, trust, dialogue and constant presence in contexts where they are protagonists. Street education with the social circus particularly involves young people, in fact, circus disciplines foster social relations and the street thus becomes a protected place in which to find answers to that search for positive and purposeful stimuli that young people more or less explicitly seek. The social worker will learn the approach methods and techniques of social circus in the street.


Cabuwazi – Circus

Where: Berlin

When: 17-18 June 2023


They see it as their task to recognize the individual potential of the children entrusted to their care and to support them in their personal development and expressiveness with the help of our circus pedagogical offers. They see themselves as a place of learning for all, where every child finds a place regardless of origin, financial and physical possibilities or sexual orientation.