24-months project between Albania, Bosnia & Erzegovina, Germany and Italy

Pirouette is a Capacity Building project aimed at promoting the use of performative street arts. A 24-months project aimed at promoting the use of performative street arts such as circus, street dance and street painting as an innovative NFE methodology to foster social and civic engagement of youth and promote a community-led regeneration of urban/disadvantaged areas in Germany, Albania, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina. And in this months we created opportunities in all of this countries with some important common moments.

The training course in Berlin

We were in Berlin for our training course to learn how to use performative street arts to foster social and civic engagement of youth with twenty youth workers from Italy, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany . The training course was about the use of non-formal education methods for the design and implementation of bottom-up cultural and creative initiatives, with specific reference to the street performing arts with and for young people: a week in which we explored the theoretical background of NFE methodology, took a deep tour into three specific performative street arts sectors – circus, graffiti and dance – shared experiences and good-practices with other participants and enjoy site visits in the cultural hub of Berlin. During the training course, has also started the process of co-creation of the project’s toolkit, aimed at demonstrating the potential of deploying performative arts as a tool to engage young people in the social and civic life of their communities.

The youth exchange in Mostar

We also were in Bosnia and Herzegovina for our youth exchange, with 20 young people from Albania, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy. An exchange between young people from four different countries to discuss the design, implementation and management of cultural and creative initiatives, including activities that provide on-the-job and experience-based skills, harnessing the potential of the performing arts to boost young people’s confidence, facilitate personal development and improve interpersonal and communication skills.